If you are a dreamer, come in If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer... If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire For we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!

- Shel Silverstein

6 Unexpected Gift Ideas For Comic Book Lovers

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If you have a friend, lover or family member who loves comic books, there are certain gift ideas that will surely impress him/her. You need to present such a person with a gift that is related to what he loves and cherishes. Comedy to be precise. This will strengthen your bond and keep your frienship warm. We are going to present you with gift ideas for comic book lovers so that you can choose what you think will impress your friend, relative or lover.

Comic Book

A comic book is such a perfect gift idea for comic book lover. He will be able to read through the pages, laugh and enjoy to the maximum. Besides, a comic book is in hard copy form. It is therefore durable as opposed to pdf which can easily be deleted. Your comic book lover will keep it for a long time. He will always remember the gift that you presented to him. Besides, a comic book is affordable yet very important as compared to other gift ideas. Furthermore, he will be able to share the book with like-minded individuals.

Poker Cards


Maybe it's a little bit strange suggestions but we couldn't resist to share this item! These gold dipped cards are unique and we are sure they will be a great present for anyone!


Comic book lovers often find comic related memorabilia interesting. You should therefore consider finding such items for them. Memorabilia usually includes lots of nice stuff such as novelty items, action figures, mini statues and many more. This adds to fun. He will definitely love it.

Weird comic books

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Over time there has been many strange and wonderful comic books and these have often featured a range of weird and wonderful characters. In this article we will take a look at some of the weird comic books that have hit our shelves over the years.

The fabulous furry freak brothers

This comic stood out as one of the more popular underground hippie comics of the late 70s and featured a gang of friends who avoided getting jobs and lived life by getting stoned and doing other drugs. The stories feature drugs, sex and rock and roll in large amounts. The comics are still popular today and feature episodes in black and white, as well as stories that are in full colour.

Mr natural

Mr natural was created by the legendary underground comic book artist know as Robert crumb and featured a wise old man with a long beard. In the story, mr Natural wonders the earth spreading wisdom to those who get in his way. The stories are filled with intricate drawings and weird happenings. Robert crumb went on to write a huge amount of underground comics for many different publishers on the comic book scene and was based in San Francisco when he began making a name for himself.


Bobby has the hiccups and several of the X-Men offers some remedies.

*Hic *

Bobby winced. He had the hiccups for what was going on the better part of an hour. His side and chest muscles were at the point of hurting.

* Hic *

"Hey sugah, what’s up?" Rogue asked as she walked into the kitchen.

"Not much. Got an annoying case of the *HIC* hiccups."

"Ya poor thing. Did ya try drinking some water?"

"Of course. Didn’t work."

"What didn’t work?" Jean asked as she walked into the room.