Weird comic books

Posted by StacyX on April 16, 2016

Over time there has been many strange and wonderful comic books and these have often featured a range of weird and wonderful characters. In this article we will take a look at some of the weird comic books that have hit our shelves over the years.

Manga Studio

The fabulous furry freak brothers

This comic stood out as one of the more popular underground hippie comics of the late 70s and featured a gang of friends who avoided getting jobs and lived life by getting stoned and doing other drugs. The stories feature drugs, sex and rock and roll in large amounts. The comics are still popular today and feature episodes in black and white, as well as stories that are in full colour.

Mr natural

Mr natural was created by the legendary underground comic book artist know as Robert crumb and featured a wise old man with a long beard. In the story, mr Natural wonders the earth spreading wisdom to those who get in his way. The stories are filled with intricate drawings and weird happenings. Robert crumb went on to write a huge amount of underground comics for many different publishers on the comic book scene and was based in San Francisco when he began making a name for himself.

Young witches

Young witches is a comic book that centres itself around two young witches in the early 1900s who enjoy highly sexual and violent adventures with a range of strange characters, including Freud, Sherlock Holmes and Jack the ripper.

X-men and Star Trek

In this strange marvel adventure, the x-men are transported to the Star Trek ship and help in defeating an evil force that is attacking the ship and the members on board. The story was in fact a success, despite the fact that it was considered to be a strange combination of characters. However, the comic was a one off story and was not repeated in further issues.