A Kiss

Things between Alex and Logan come to a head and something or someone has to give.

Posted by StacyX on August 30, 2014

It was just a kiss, right? It didn’t mean anything at all. Alex had to believe that. It was just a kiss and nothing more than that. It was a heat of the moment thing between her and Logan, nothing more. It couldn’t be more than that.

Then why couldn’t she forget it? If it was just a kiss she should be able to forget about it, but she couldn’t. She just couldn’t forget the feel of his lips grinding down on hers or the feel of his strong arms wrapped around her.

It wasn’t like she’d never been kissed before; she had, just never like that. Electricity coursed through her when his lips touched hers and a fire ignited inside of her and raced downward to settle just below her stomach. It seemed like he threatened to consume her body and soul. It left her with toes curled and feeling weak.

How dare he kiss her? He had no right to kiss her like that, or kiss her for that matter. Sure, things between them were getting better since they talked that one day down by the lake, but they weren’t –that- good. Certainly not good enough to warrant him kissing her the way he did. Just where did he get off thinking that he could kiss her, especially like that?

Adrenaline coursed through her veins and her fist smashed into the opponent she faced. The punch was quickly followed up with a high kick to her opponent’s head. She spun, ducking the blow that was coming from the enemy behind her. She swiped at the thing’s legs, sending it to the floor. A hard blow landed on her back, right in the center, knocking the breath from her lungs before she could follow through with another attack on the opponent she had sent to the floor. Alex stumbled a few steps forward before regaining her balance.

Turning, she faced her newest attacker and began a new assault. Hands and feet were almost a blur as she landed hit after hit on her target. She was finished with it in a matter of moments and then paused, looking around for her next target.

The one she sent to the floor was now standing upright, just waiting for her. Alex grinned, but before she could begin her attack, the figure vanished, leaving her standing alone in the middle of the Danger Room. A growl escaped her lips as her eyes traveled up the metallic walls, and she looked up at the control room. It was already empty, but someone had stopped the program she had been running. Two am in the morning and she thought she’d have the room to herself.

She stormed toward the door, ready and eager to find the person who dared to stop her program just when she was beginning to have some fun. The door opened before she reached it. Logan.

Despite him being only 5’3”, he filled the doorway with much as his presence as well as his physical self, preventing her from exiting. His ice blue eyes stared at her, twinkling with amusement. She swore the man went out of his way to get to her and knowing him, he probably did. When she said she’d be more amicable toward him, she didn’t mean that she wanted to see him all the time.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” she asked, her arms crossing over her chest.

“Just came down for a workout. Seems like we had the same idea.”

Like she believed a word he said. It was two am and Logan was either out closing down a bar, or snoring up a storm, asleep. “For some reason, I don’t believe you,” she said dryly, suddenly wanting to be out of there and away from him.

“Believe what ya want, but I’m here for a workout. Couldn’t sleep.”

“So you interrupted my fun because you couldn’t sleep,” she said more to herself than him. “Need to learn some manners. You could’ve waited until I was finished.”

“Yer welcome ta join me,” he said casually, taking a step into the room. Silently he hoped she would. Despite the two of them not being on good terms at first, he liked being around her. It tickled him that his presence bothered her so much, and he knew it did. Especially right now. They got into a heated argument earlier at Harry’s and he silenced her with a deep kiss, one that he knew got her riled up and judging by the fact that she was down here at this hour, she was still riled up about it. The kiss surprised her, just as it did him, but he didn’t regret it. He could swear that he didn’t imagine her returning the kiss. Deny it she would, but he knew better.

Her arms dropped to her sides and she walked toward him, her stride long and graceful, but stiff. She stopped inches from him, green eyes boring into his. “No thanks.”

“Suit yerself,” he replied casually, inhaling her scent. He was right. She was still worked up about the kiss, even a bit turned on.

She gave him a look that would’ve made a weaker person crumble and moved to walk past him.

The corners of his mouth turned up as he turned and grabbed one of her wrists, spinning her around to face him. Her green eyes were wide with surprise, but they quickly narrowed, the only warning he had that an attack was coming.

He caught her other hand before it could make contact with his face, his hand holding her fist inches from his face, his mouth stretching into a wider grin. Her fist was jerked away and in the span of a heartbeat, he released her wrist and grabbed the back of her head, his lips coming down on hers.

She gasped, or started to, at his audacity, but his tongue entered her mouth at the slightest parting of her lips and her gasp was swallowed along with a protest. Her free hand went to his chest and she tried to push him away, her effort wasted when he didn’t budge an inch. Her open hand quickly turned into a fist and she pounded against his chest.

Her protests only encouraged him and he released her fist, crushing her body against his with his strong arms. His lips ground down on hers, bruising hers while his tongue invaded her mouth. The taste of the alcohol she drank earlier lingered and underneath it he could taste her. His mind reeled and his senses rioted as the thoughts and feel of her overwhelmed him.

Any resistance that she initially had melted away under his searing kiss and the warmth of his body pressed up against hers. Electricity coursed through her body, her senses on fire from the sensual onslaught. Her blood pounded in her ears and she swore she could feel her heart racing. Her body ached, a strange, new feeling developing right below her stomach, and she knew that only Logan could give her what she needed. Her lips returned his kiss, her tongue tentatively darting out and into his mouth.

He groaned against her mouth when he felt her return the kiss. Arms released her for a second before scooping her up and cradling her against his chest.

Somehow, and he wasn’t quite sure how, he made it back to his room with her. He deposited her on the large bed and then pinned her against the mattress with the weight of his body. The feeling of her beneath him caused his body to swell in response, the tightening between his legs even more prominent in response to the moment and in the anticipation of the next.

A gasp escaped her and her body arched in response to the feel of his lips running up her neck and the feel of her earlobe between his teeth. Warm breath brushed past her ear and shivers raced over her skin.

The hunger inside of him, slowly building since he kissed her in Harry’s, intensified and his blood hummed with her name. Satisfying it the only way he knew how, his mouth moved and took hers, his tongue invading her mouth. Strong, calloused hands moved and pulled at her uniform until it was stripped from her body, leaving a bra and panties as the only things covering her.

He pulled back just far enough to admire the way the black cotton of her bra and panties contrasted against her pale skin. His eyes slowly traveled up to meet hers, glittering emeralds half hidden by dark lashes. Her tongue slowly traveled across her bottom lip, moisture shining on the tender pink flesh.

His hands moved again, the cotton of her bra and panties giving easily under strong hands. Pausing for a second he admired the view, eyes traveling over subtle curves while hard muscles slid effortlessly under satiny skin, steel encased in silk.

Alex felt him pull away for a brief moment and when he returned, he was completely naked, his body hot against hers.

Lips seared a trail across her collarbone, while hands burned where they touched bare skin. Flames leapt to the surface of her skin wherever he touched, the fire inside of her growing with each caress.

Blood pounded in her ears drowning out the sounds she knew had to be coming from the back of her throat. Her body arched and twisted beneath him, any objections her mind put up were quickly consumed by the fire raging inside of her. The need, the want, sharpened to a razor sharp point, aching and needing to be satisfied.

His lips moved to her neck, alternating between kissing and nipping the tender flesh. Shivers raced down her spine and across her skin, while her hands danced across his back, tracing intricate patterns, nails raking across his skin.

Her breath caught in her chest when she felt his mouth moved to a breast, his mouth clamping down on the rosy tip, pulling hard on it, making her cry out in pain and in surprise.

The heat growing between her thighs intensified, and she unconsciously spread them wider, encouraging him. A hand moved up the inside of her thigh, fingertips brushed lightly across the sensitive skin, taking advantage of the opportunity that presented itself. A bolt of electricity raced through her when fingertips parted soft folds.

His mouth left her breast, blazing a trail down across the plane of her stomach to replace his fingers in an intimate kiss. He groaned, as he tasted her, his tongue probing and prodding the soft folds. She consumed his senses; taste, touch, smell, and even his hearing as she moaned under his attentions.


His name was a plea and it spurred him on, a shudder running down along his spine. Fingers threaded themselves through his hair as her hips rose against his mouth, a whimper escaping her lips. He groaned, suddenly wanting her more if it were even possible. His mouth released her and he moved, positioning himself over her.

A wave of pain washed over her, her body automatically stiffening under the unexpected sensation as he entered her with one long stroke. His lips silenced her cry, his mouth grounding on hers, swallowing the sound. His eyes closed at the feel of her enveloping him, so tight, so snug that he wasn’t sure where his body ended and hers began. Somewhere in the haze, he knew there was something he should be seeing but wasn’t.

Slowly he began to draw back, her body relaxing a bit, allowing him to move. Slowly at first, but he moved faster as her body relaxed and released him a little more.

As he continued his steady movement, the hurt became a tingling feeling, pressure slowly starting to build and sensations she had never dreamed of overwhelmed her. Her hips moved to meet his, her body naturally matching the rhythm that he set.

Her nails raked his back, digging into flesh, the feel of him inside of her, excited her beyond measure. Pressure continued to build, her whole body tightening, like a rubber band about ready to snap.

Logan continued to kiss her, swallowing her cries and moans with his own groans. He pumped more fiercely against her, wanting to lose himself in her softness. Her body tightened around him, driving him on toward oblivion. He buried his face into her neck, teeth nipping at the tender flesh.

Something inside of her snapped; sweeping her under waves of pleasure that flooded her body. Every nerve in her body was stimulated, every sensation enhanced two-fold. She never felt so alive before in her life.

Her muscles gripped him even tighter; the contractions of her muscles could be felt traveling along the length of him. His body tightened, snapped and he followed her over the edge.

Wet with perspiration, sated, and for the moment exhausted, he lay a top her, waiting for their breathing to return to normal. His heart thundered against hers as blood pounded in his ears. He teased the corners of her mouth with his lips, his fingers winding in her dark hair.

Slowly riding the descending wave of euphoria, realization set in. She just had sex with Logan of all people. Not only that, but she had just lost her virginity to him. What was she thinking? Obviously she hadn’t been, or this wouldn’t have happened.



“Can you please move?”

She could almost see the wicked gleam in his eye and an unholy grin plastered his face. “Why? I kinda like where I am right now.”

Her jaw clenched and she moved causing him to slip out of her, her breath hissing between her teeth as he did. She moved again, rolling his heavy bulk off of her and she rolled the other way, right to the edge of the bed. Her feet touched the floor and she gracefully stood up.

Rolling on to his back and putting his arms behind his head, Logan intently watched her; curious about what she was going to do next.

She grabbed one of his shirts, put it on and left the room without so much as a word or a glance back.

A slow satisfied smile stretched across his face. She was going to make his life interesting and he was eagerly looking forward to it.