The Boogeyman

The day after A Kiss and Alex is determined to not make the same mistake again, but can she pull it off?

Posted by StacyX Fanfiction on September 06, 2014

“Alex, you’re quiet this morning,” Jean commented as she sipped hot coffee.

“Tired,” she mumbled between sips of tea.

“You? Tired? Miss I-Sleep-Three-Hours-A-Day?” Betsy said snidely.

Alex turned to glare at her, not really in the mood to put up with anything today. Last night had been a long night, one that had left her tired and irritable this morning.

"You'd think that anyone spending the night with Logan would be in a better mood," Betsy commented with a sidelong glance. "I know that I..." she paused, unable to leave off the catty attitude. "Perhaps I shouldn't mention the past this morning. It might be... depressing."

“Thanks for opening your mouth, Betsy. Why don’t you just announce it over the intercom so everyone in the mansion knows?”

"I'll look into that after breakfast."

“Alex?” Jean asked, arching an eyebrow.

Alex turned to look at Jean. “Yes, I spent the night with Logan and we had sex. Anything else you would like to know?” Alex snapped.

"Well, yes. Why -aren't- you in a better mood?"

“It’s a long story.” She quickly gulped down the remainder of her tea, ignoring the fact that it was still steaming hot. She pushed her chair back and stood up. “I’ll be in the Danger Room,” she growled before putting her cup in the sink and heading for the door.

Jean, Storm and Rogue blinked while Betsy smirked, not expecting Alex to get that upset and walk out. Their morning gossip sessions had become ritual and everything and anything was talked about, but no one ever had that sort of reaction. Something had unnerved the austere woman enough to cause a reaction, something that they were unaccustomed to seeing from Alex. Jean could tell her the world was about to end and the most Alex would do is blink. This was different and very personal.

Jean stood up and deposited her mug in the sink, intending to go after Alex and see what the real problem was.

“Ya going to talk to her?”

“Yes, Rogue. I want to know what’s bothering her so much. She never lets anything get to her.”

“Maybe Logan was too much for her,” Betsy commented, the cattiness refusing to leave.

Jean gave Betsy a look and then left the kitchen.


Adrenaline and anger spurred her on and a fist smashed into an opponent’s face. She hated being weak and last night proved to her how weak she really was, weak enough to find herself seduced by a few kisses and a few light touches.

She shouldn’t have let it happen, but she did and she didn’t like it. She firmly resolved then and there that it wouldn’t happen again, it just couldn’t happen again, at least not with Logan. True that she found the experience quite enjoyable, but the thought of repeating it with Logan didn’t seem quite so enjoyable.

The door opening caught her attention and she disengaged herself from her opponent and looked over to see Jean standing in the doorway. Alex held back a growl and kept herself from yelling at Jean for interrupting her session.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Jean asked as she stepped into the room, the door sliding close with a hiss behind her.

“Not particularly. Prefer to forget it ever happened.”

“Why’s that? I couldn’t imagine that having sex with Logan could’ve been that unpleasant.”

“I’d rather not talk about and like I said, I’d prefer to forget that it ever happened. Should’ve never happened in the first place.”

“Why’s that?”

“Is that all you can ask, ‘Why’s that’?”

“Alex, I came down to see what has gotten you so upset. Some of us do care about you and are here if you want to talk about something that’s bothering you.”

Alex took a deep breath and tried to exert some control over her emotions. It just wasn’t like her to let them get this far out from under her control and she didn’t like the feeling too much. A good soldier always maintained emotional control, no matter what.

“I appreciate the concern Jean, I really do, but I’ll be fine and will get past this. This won’t affect my performance on the team so you have nothing to worry about.”

“Alex, did you ever stop to think that maybe I’m down here because I care about you as a person and not because I’m worried about how you’ll perform on a mission or with the team?”

Alex froze, unused to such personal concern from teammates. In her experience all anyone else ever cared about was how one performed in combat, never giving a second, or first thought for that matter, about personal well being, unless it interfered with team performance. “I’m sorry, Jean,” she apologized, feeling like a kid being scolded.

“Now, tell me what’s bothering you.”

“Sleeping with Logan is what’s bothering me. I should’ve never let it happen.”

“Why? What’s the long story that you referred to?”

“Logan, a –Logan-, is the long story. My history with a Logan isn’t a good one and despite all of that I still slept with one. I guess it’s kind of fitting in an ironic way that the first man I sleep with had to be a Logan.”

“Come on. We’ll go get something to drink and talk about it.”

Alex stared at Jean for a few seconds before nodding. She could use a few, quite a few, stiff drinks and someone to talk to.


Alex swore and ran to the door as it slid shut and locked with a resounding click. A string of curses flowed from her lips as she tried in vain to get the damned thing open. Figures the alarms would go off and the safety procedures going into effect while her and Logan were both in the physics lab.

The veiled references over breakfast had ignited into a full-blown argument in the gym, prompting Logan to drag Alex into the physics lab to cool down. He wasn’t quite sure how close Alex was to attacking Betsy and he didn’t want to find out. Then the alarms sounded, the doors closed according to protocol, locking them in the lab.

Alex heard a soft growl as he stepped up behind her and his hands went on her upper arms. "Why ya in such a rush, darlin'?" he whispered hoarsely in her ear.

“Because for all we know, Apocalypse or Magneto could be attacking and the team could need our help.”

Logan gazed at her until the alarms turn quiet a moment later, he cocked his head and after a moment said, "I don't hear anything, if it's a battle it's a quiet one. Probably a false alarm. The door’ll open in a bit. Relax.” He turned her around to face him, his body mere inches away from hers.

“Still, we should try to get out of here and see what’s going on.” She looked into his blue eyes, her tongue darting out as she licked her lips unconsciously, his closeness unnerving her.

"You're right, we should," he whispered huskily as his head swooped down and his lips pressed against hers passionately

Her protests were quickly lost on the sensual onslaught. Fire raced through her to settle just below her stomach and her mind desperately tried to regain some amount of control over her body. Palms rested against his broad chest in an attempt to push him away. This couldn’t happen again. The first time was a mistake and a second time just couldn’t happen. Not with him.

Logan's arms tightened around her, surrounding her in his strength. He heard a soft moan of surrender and Alex melted into his embrace. His tongue parted her lips and began to probe into her mouth, demanding her sweetness. Alex could feel his desire rising and pressing below her stomach as his arms relaxed and spread across her back.

She couldn’t resist even though her mind wanted her to. His touch was too much, so seductive and intoxicating. Though her mind screamed its protests, her body wouldn’t listen. It wanted and needed him. Her arms wrapped around him, her fingers curling to press nails into his back. She molded herself against his body, needing to feel his pressed up against hers, seeking the warmth and strength that he offered.

He felt his heart race faster as the scent of her arousal rose up and overpowered him, for all the battles he had fought, and all the enemies he had overcome, this woman had defeated him and the strength of his kisses tried to convey that. His arms gripped her and he lifted her off of the floor, lips still locked on hers.

Alex felt the muscles of his arms carry her easily and she heard a slight whistle as he whipped her around and stumbled over to a lab table. Precious instruments fell unnoticed to the floor, metallic clatters and shattering glass hitting deaf ears as she slid on to the table, him quickly following. Holding his weight on his elbows, he looked down at her and smiled in a predatory way before falling to her neck, kissing her and interlacing them with gentle bites.

Breathless moans escaped her and the fire inside of her blazed out of control. Accepting the fact that this was happening again, Alex wasn’t going to let him take total control. Her hands gripped at the hem of his shirt, tugging at it until he pulled back, allowing her to relieve him of his shirt. Once it was removed, hands moved across his bare chest, savoring the feel of the hard muscles beneath his skin and the contrast between his coarse hair and smooth skin.

She felt his chest press a little more into her hands, as he enjoyed her touch. Not willing to be out-done, he snaked his arms inside hers and gently pushed them apart. Reaching down and grasping the neckline of her shirt, he pulled down and easily ripped it down the middle. Her shirt parted and fell to her sides; she gasped and arched her back, exposing firm breasts. Achingly erect nipples pointed up, and he quickly lowered his head and sucked one into his mouth, attacking it furiously with his tongue.

Logan heard the sharp intake of her breath as he feasted on a nipple, encouraging his efforts. Her hands went to his head, fingers threading themselves through his hair, her nails gently raking across his scalp. He groaned against her as she flooded his senses.

In the lust induced haze, neither heard the beep of their com badges going off.

Blood pounded in her ears, his groans barely heard above the roar. “Logan,” she growled, her need for him conveyed in that single word.

On a primal level Logan felt a hunger that had to be sated, and control was all but lost as he pulled back and deftly unbuttoned her pants. Alex's legs lifted of their own accord to help him yank the heavy denim off. Strong hands ripped her panties, exposing her moist and starving sex. His jeans fell almost of their own accord to the floor, freeing a raging predator ready to claim his prey.

Without warning he thrust deep into her, easily parting her lips and effortlessly entering her. Logan heard a startled gasp as he thrust into her. Without giving her time to adjust, he settled his weight and fullness into her, pushing into her as far as he could go. Logan's eyes widened slightly in wonder and he paused to feel her body envelope his.

She was so tight, holding him so snugly that he didn’t know where his body ended and hers began. The hunger abated now that he was buried to the hilt inside of her, the blaze lowering to white-hot embers. He bent over and nipped at her neck, sharp canines gently biting tender flesh, and her arms snaked up and wound around his neck. Starting with slow, deliberate thrusts, he moved in and out of her, forgetting everything except the feel and taste of her.

Arms went under her shoulders, drawing her up to him and his hands gripped the edge of the table, as he moved deeper and deeper inside of her, losing himself in her heat. The sound of the door opening drew his attention, his blue eyes looking up while his mouth feasted on hers.

Rogue and Betsy were warned off with a look, Rogue grinning and Betsy scowling. “Looks like Logan went back for seconds. Can’t say that, now can you?” Rogue said snidely to Betsy before the door slid shut.

He turned his attention back to Alex undulating beneath him, her body demanding and hungry. Nails dug into his buttocks bringing him even closer, Alex growling against his mouth.

She moved, rolling his body with hers, trying to position herself on top of him. They hung in midair before falling off the table and crashing to the floor below, shards of broken glass embedding into his back unnoticed. Alex cried out when they landed, the force of impact pushing him farther into her.

Sitting up, her hips ground against his, the feel and drag of him made her mind reel. It felt better than it had the night before, and that had been better than anything she could remember. Calloused hands moved to her hips, guiding her, urging her on, leaving darkened smudges in their wake. She looked down at him through half opened eyes to see his knowing blue eyes staring at her, the corners of his mouth turned up into a faint smile.

She shimmied her hips, watching his eyes close and listening to a groan escape his lips. The connections all came together. In the recesses of her mind she was aware that at this moment she had power over him. Power to please him, or deny him pleasure and it rested in her hands. She was incandescent with power.

He pushed up with his hips as she moved, needing to feel every bit of her that he could. Logan didn't mind letting her have control; he reveled in her discovery of her own needs. Heat enveloped and consumed him, her body gripping him tighter and tighter. Her hips ground harder against him, demandingly, and he pushed harder against her, their bodies drawing pleasure out of each other.

She increased her speed, aching to reach completion and draw him along with her. Her body throbbed with anticipation and heat, craving release. Her whole body tensed for a long moment and broke apart, her climax washing over her.

A groan escaped his lips as he felt her tighten around him, causing a reaction from his body. He thrust up, hard against her, once, twice, three times before he snapped, his climax spilling into her.

Her back arched and her eyes closed, and he leaned up to take a hard nipple between his teeth, the extra bit of pain-pleasure causing her to cry out. Strong, hot hands on her back pulled her back down with him, her weight resting on his chest, sweat plastering their bodies together.

Alex moved first, pulling herself off of Logan and standing up to retrieve her discarded clothing. She turned and began to pull on her shirt, hearing Logan moving behind her. Stealing a glance over her shoulder, she saw specks of blood on his back. Skin was already healing the wounds caused by the shards of glass on the floor. Some of the shards were now embedded in his back.


“Yeah, darlin’?”

“You’re bleeding.”

“Ain’t the first time,” he shrugged, pulling on his pants.

“But Logan, you have glass embedded in your back.”

The corners of his mouth turned up. She cared more than she let on or she would’ve never mentioned the glass. “Nothin’ ta worry ‘bout.”

“Yes it is,” she insisted, looking around the room for anything that would be useful. “I’ll be right back.” She yanked on her jeans and ran out of the lab.

Two minutes later Alex was back in the room, a scalpel in one hand and a pair of tweezers in the other. One side of her mouth pulled up into a sly grin. “Shall I give you something for the pain?”

"Nothin' works for pain, Ace, but if ya wanna try a home remedy...” His grin turned wolfish and he let his eyes drop to her chest.

She rolled her eyes. “Turn around.”

"The pieces'll come out as I heal. You could take my mind off it." He patted his leg. "Have a seat an' I'll tell ya all about it."

“You’re incorrigible.” She placed the scalpel and tweezers on the table and turned toward the door. “See if I make any more offers to help.”

"No fun bein' incorrigible all by myself. Hold on, I'll turn around." He suited action to words, giving her his back as he leaned over counter on his forearms.

Alex froze in her tracks and stole a glance back at him. She could walk away like everything inside of her was telling her to do, or she could follow through on her offer to help. She should walk away. It was probably the safest thing to do.

When she didn't respond, he looked over his shoulder at her, a blatant 'I dare ya' in his eyes. Her indecision rode the air along with her musk, and the corner of his mouth twitched in amusement. "I don't bite, unless you ask nice."

“Nevermind. You said yourself that the pieces will come out as you heal.” She took a step toward the door.

"Who you afraid of?" Logan asked softly. "What makes ya offer to help, an' back out of it in the next breath?"

“I’m not afraid of anyone,” she quickly replied. Another step toward the door and she stopped.

Even for a woman, Alex was the most mercurial female he'd met in a long time. He straightened up and shrugged his shoulders, the ping of glass bits falling to the floor as the rolling movement of muscle dislodged them from his skin loud in the quiet room. If the scent of sex hadn't still been so strong in the air Logan might've teased her a little more, but his blood was still heated and the expression on her face was just this side of self-loathing. Alex wanted him, but she didn't want to. Anything else he said or did would be interpreted as coercion.

"You keep tellin' yerself that," he advised as he fished his shirt out of the scattered debris and stepped around her to the door. "Always good ta have a plan in case the boogeyman shows up."

She drew a deep breath in and slowly let it out, refocusing her thoughts and calming the emotions coursing through her. “There’s no such thing as the boogeyman,” she calmly replied, determined to keep control at all costs. Something about him made her lose control, emotionally and physically and damned if she was going to let it happen again. She would not allow him to keep doing it to her. “It’s just a fabrication parents tell their children to scare them.”

And yet she could vaguely remember a point in her life where she did believe in the boogeyman.

"That's where yer wrong." He passed through the doorway, pausing only long enough deliver the parting shot. "What they don't tell ya is that the boogeyman can be anything yer afraid of."

Would that make him the boogeyman then?