Bobby has the hiccups and several of the X-Men offers some remedies.

Posted by StacyX and ZereldaX on January 24, 2016

*Hic *

Bobby winced. He had the hiccups for what was going on the better part of an hour. His side and chest muscles were at the point of hurting.

* Hic *

"Hey sugah, what’s up?" Rogue asked as she walked into the kitchen.

"Not much. Got an annoying case of the *HIC* hiccups."

"Ya poor thing. Did ya try drinking some water?"

"Of course. Didn’t work."

"What didn’t work?" Jean asked as she walked into the room.

"Bobby has the hiccups. He drank water and it didn’t work"


"You poor thing. Did you try holding your breath?"

"Yes. Didn’t work."

"How about drinking water while holding your nose?" *Hic*

"Haven’t tried it."

"Here sugah," Rogue said shoving a glass of water under his nose.

Bobby took the glass in one hand and held his nose with the other. He drank for a minute or two until the glass was empty.

"Did it work?" Jean asked.

"I don’t *Hic*…no."

"Maybe if we scared ya," Rogue said with an evil gleam in her eye.

"But how can you scare me if I know it’s coming?"

"Easy," she grinned at him

Rogue grabbed Bobby by the shirt and threw open the back door. She flew a few hundred feet up into the air and let go of him. He fell screaming toward the ground. He got his wits about him and iced up and formed a sled and slid to the ground.

"Bobby how can Ah scare ya if you stop yourself from falling?" Rogue said as she landed beside him.

"Instinct to save my hide took priority."


Bobby groaned. They all went back into the kitchen.

Jean produced an image of Emma Frost holding a whip and telling Bobby she wanted to play with him in Bobby’s mind.

"Ugh Jean no! *Hic*."

"Just thought that would scare you," Jean said with a devilish grin.

"It did. Just not *Hic* enough to get rid of these."

"How ‘bout ya stand on ya head and drink water?"

*Hic* "I don’t know Rogue."

Rogue didn’t give Bobby any time to think longer about it. She grabbed him by the ankles and held him upside down. Jean held a glass to his mouth as he started to drink.

Beast just entered the kitchen at that point.

"Oh my stars and garters! What are you two doing to Bobby?"

"We’re tryin’ ta get rid of his hiccups."

"Oh my."

"I don’t think *Hic* this is working."

Rogue set Bobby down on the ground and he got back on his feet. Hank went to the fridge and began to pull a few items out. He then went to the cabinets and searched around until he found the few items he was looking for.

"I’ll fix you something that should take away those persistent hiccups," Hank said as he began to mix some of the items together in a glass. Rogue and Jean watched him pour some cola, OJ, vinegar, water and lemon juice in the glass.


"Eww that looks like it will taste disgusting," Rogue said making a face.

"Most medicines aren’t supposed to taste good," Hank said with a wide grin.


Bobby watched in horror as Hank mixed the ingredients. Hank handed him the glass with the foul concoction in it. Bobby took the glass and peered into it. He looked at Hank.

"This will *Hic* work?"

"Just drink it Popscicle."

Bobby took a gulp and began to drink the mixture. Jean and Rogue watched and made faces as Bobby drank the liquid.

"I think it *Hic*…nevermind it didn’t work." "It wasn’t supposed to. I just wanted to see if you would drink it," Hank said as he began to howl with laughter.

Bobby formed a few snowballs and chucked them at Hank.

"That was for putting the blonde hair dye in my shampoo," Hank was barely able to get out between the howls of laughter and trying to avoid the snowballs.

"Hank!" Jean and Rogue both exclaimed.

"And that is my cue to leave. Parting is such sweet sorrow," he said as he got pelted in the face with a snowball. "This means *Hic* war McCoy!" Bobby yelled after Hank as he left the kitchen. "Now what?" he asked turning back to Jean and Rogue.

"I don’t know. Rogue you have any more ideas?"

"One," she said grabbing the jar of peanut butter from the cabinet. Rogue grabbed a spoon and handed the jar and spoon to Bobby. "Start eatin’ sugah."


Bobby grabbed the jar and spoon from Rogue and began to eat a few spoonfuls of peanut butter. After a three spoonfuls he stopped. Nothing happened.


"I think so. Thanks Rogue and you too Jean," Bobby said handing the jar back to Rogue and throwing the spoon in the sink. "Now it’s time to go get even with Blue-boy," he said with an evil grin on his face.

Rogue and Jean just laughed as they watched Bobby leave the kitchen.